Singing is fun!

An afternoon choral workshop with Janet Lincé

This was held on the afternoon of Sunday 20th January at the Matrix with Peter McMullin as accompanist.

It attracted a number of new people besides the regular choir members and was enjoyed by all. We received a great number of valuable tips and had, as promised, a very enjoyable afternoon.

Current concert – notes for the choir

All except for the Nachtlied, which can be found on YouTube, are available on Choralia.

This is a fairly literal translation of Nachtlied:

Die Nacht ist kommen,
Drin wir ruhen sollen;
Gott walt’s, zum Frommen
Nach sein’m Wohlgefallen,
Daß wir uns legen
In sein’m G’leit und Segen,
Der Ruh’ zu pflegen.

Treib, Herr, von uns fern
Die unreinen Geister,
Halt die Nachtwach’ gern,
Sei selbst unser Schutzherr,
Schirm beid Leib und Seel’
Unter deine Flügel,
Send’ uns dein’ Engel!

Laß uns einschlafen
Mit guten Gedanken,
Fröhlich aufwachen
Und von dir nicht wanken;
Laß uns mit Züchten
Unser Tun und Dichten
Zu dein’m Preis richten!

The night has fallen,
And we should rest;
God is there, to care for us
By his good will,
So that we settle
In his company and blessing,
To maintain the peace.

Father, drive the evil spirits
Far away from us;
Keep the night watch;
Be our protector;
Shield both body and soul
Under your wings;
Send us your angels!

Let us go to sleep
With good thoughts,
Happily awaken
And never waver from you;
Let us, with discipline,
Focus our deeds and words
On your glory!