Understanding your voice with Anna Shackleton

28th June (Sunday) afternoon in the new River Room at Sutton Courtenay Church from 2:00pm to 5:30 pm with a break for refreshments.

In this afternoon workshop, Anna, a singer and teacher will help attendees to understand their voice – with some basic vocal anatomy for choral singers and how to apply good technique in practice. This will include some basic technical aspects, on how sound is produced when singing. There will be a various singing and breathing exercises to try. After a break for tea/coffee (which is included in the price) we will apply what we have learned to sing a piece in the second half.

Tickets cost £20 (or £10 for young adults aged from 18 but not yet 21), including refreshments, and may be obtained from:

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Singing is fun!

An afternoon choral workshop with Janet Lincé

This was held on the afternoon of Sunday 20th January at the Matrix with Peter McMullin as accompanist.

It attracted a number of new people besides the regular choir members and was enjoyed by all. We received a great number of valuable tips and had, as promised, a very enjoyable afternoon.